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Cheyenne began her ministry as an Altar Server in 2009 after receiving First Holy Communion.  She desired to serve the Lord in some way to grow closer to Him. 

Cheyenne has truly excelled in her ministry, now

assisting those that are new and younger.  She always has a smile on her face and is eager to help out

whenever she can.  She has grown into a beautiful young woman who loves music.  At the age of 8 she learned to play the flute.  She is now a Junior at Serrano High School and not only plays the flute, but Mellophone, Saxophone, French Horn, Piano, Xylophone and

Percussion Drums.  She is active in the school Marching Band and someday strives to play for the Blue Devils.  Her grade average is a 4.26 and plans to go to Riverside Community College to play for their Marching Band, once her prereqs are out of the way she has bigger plans for UCLA or Notre Dame someday majoring in Music and Psychiatry.

Cheyenne is very helpful with the Knights of Columbus assisting with their dinners and also helps in Religious Education when not working on her studies. Cheyenne's goal is to become a Master of Ceremony after her confirmation which is a goal she's sure to accomplish.  Please acknowledge Cheyenne for the work she has accomplished and goals she has set for herself in the future, all for the love of the Lord.